How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home

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How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : Straightening Your Hair with a Coconut Milk Mask

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home

1. Gather all your essentials:

Coconut oil is rich in nutrients like fat, fiber, and vitamin E, which might be excellent for moisturizing hair. Combined with the superpower of more virgin olive oil and the acid of lemon juice, this masks will assist to loosen up the hair. People with artificially coloured hair ought to keep away from using lemon juice on their hair, as it’s far Because of this, the colour of the hair will start to fade even faster.

2. In a medium saucepan, whisk together 1 cup coconut oil and a couple of tsp or 30 ml extra virgin olive oil:

In another bowl, mix 3 tsp or 45 ml cornstarch with 4 tsp lemon juice until a smooth slurry is formed.

3. Whisk the Slurry into the Coconut Milk Mixture:

Over medium heat, whisk the combination continuously until it thickens. Once the bottle reaches a conditioner-like consistency, take it off the heat and permit it to chill slightly.

4. Spread the mask all over the hair:

You also can use a pastry brush or paintbrush to make application easier, or simply use your palms to spread the masks evenly across your hair. For excellent results, make sure your hair is absolutely lined with the masks.

5. Cover with your shower cap:

If you don’t have a shower cap, you can also wrap your hair in a plastic cap. Wrapping your hair will also help trap heat in it, which will help relax the curls.

6. Apply Heat

If you have a hairdryer, use it on a low setting until your hair is hot. Alternatively, you can heat a wet towel in the microwave and wrap the hot towel over your hair.

7. Wash off with Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner:

Avoid the use of shampoos containing surfactants or sulfates, as those will rough up your hair cuticles and might oppose the moisturizing and smoothing action of the mask. Follow up with deep conditioner.

8. straight comb hair

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : Use a thin comb to thoroughly detangle and stretch your hair.

1. Coconut milk is different from coconut water (which is thinner) and coconut cream (which is sweeter and thicker). Make sure you’re buying the right things!

2.This masks will loosen up and unfasten the curls, however when you have very curly hair, it may now no longer straighten your hair completely. However, the more moisture from the masks can even shield your hair in case you use a warmth equipment in your hair.

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : If you are going to get permanent hair straightening, then first know these important things

If you like straight and straight hair, then you can adopt the permanent hair straightening technique. But before that you must know a few things.   With time, the trend of styling hair is also changing, nowadays straight hair is trending. Not only women but men are also adopting the straight hair trend. If you also love straightening your hair and you’re using a hair straightener every third day, stop! Excessive use of hair straightener on hair can make it weak. Permanent hair straightening is the solution to your problem. With this treatment, your hair looks very beautiful, manageable, and stylish. But this question may also be coming to your mind will this treatment not damage your hair? Does it also have any side effects? So let’s know the answers to all these questions.

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : Is it safe to straighten permanent hair?

It also depends on the products you are using. Chemical solutions have to be used in this process. Which affects the hair proteins and can change the structure of the hair. It can also damage your hair if not used properly. Pregnant women should avoid this procedure.

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : Permanent Hair Straightening Methods

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

1. In this process, the curl pattern of the hair is changed with the help of heat and chemical solutions.

2. In this process, the hair is washed and divided into different parts.

3. A chemical solution is applied and people have to leave it like this for half an hour.

4. By doing this process, the protein of the hair breaks down and the hair is restructured.

5. After half an hour the hair is washed with cold water. And they are exposed to heat until things become straight.

6. Lastly, the chemical solution is applied and after 3 days the same process is repeated.

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : keratin Treatment

1. This is the safest hair straightening method. This will also protect your hair from the sun’s rays. In this process, first wash the hair and divide it into sections.

2. Then apply keratin solution to the hair and leave it for two to 5 minutes.

3. Now use a flat iron to restructure the hair.

How To Make Hair Straightening Naturally At Home : Hair Rebonding

In this process the hair structure is changed by relaxing, breaking and reshaping the bonds of your hair. This process takes 3 to 4 hours depending on the length of your hair.

1. In this process, your hair is divided into different sections after shampooing.

2. A thick layer of relaxant is then applied to your hair and set in place.

3. It is applied to your hair for half an hour to 45 minutes.

4. Your hair is then steamed for 10 to 40 minutes. The relaxant is then removed and the hair is deep conditioned.

5. Afterwards, keratin lotion is applied to the hair and special care is taken of the hair.

6. After half an hour of this process, the hair is washed and blow dried.

7. After that straightening is done with the help of flat iron.

Keep these tips in mind if you get hair straightening

1. Before getting your hair straightened, definitely take the opinion of a hair expert or consultant.

2. Do not use shampoo for some time.

3. Keep your hair de tangled at all times.

4. Choose a neutralizing shampoo.

5. Don’t forget to use conditioner at all.

Many people have this question, is the growth of hair coming after straightening bad? So there is nothing like this, only get this treatment done by good parlors and professional people.

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